most popular club in the world

Top 10 most popular football clubs in the world

Which are the most popular football clubs in the world? .We argue with our friends every now and then as to which football club...
real madrid and Barcelona

Top 10 players who played for both Real Madrid and Barcelona

Footballers who played for Real Madrid and Barcelona. El Clasico is a word you only hear not very often. You only hear this only...

Top 16 Biggest Release Clause In World Football

What is a Release Clause? A release clause is a price that is placed on players in order for them to be able to...

Top Footballers who have never received a red card

Football is a game of passion . But they are some players who some times go out of the rules. Players like Pepe and...

Top 10 best Left backs in the world 2017

Who  do you think are the best left backs in football history? Yes you got it right...there are two left backs that can never...

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