The country in which a player plays solely depends on them. But 98% of the time they always choose to play for the country in which they were born. Then comes the case of dual-nationality. The situation then becomes tricky as players face a hard time deciding which country to play for.

Some players such as Alfredo di Stefano, Luis Monti, Ferenc Puskas and Joe Gaetjens have played for national teams other than their own and also played for their own too. So in our List we shall be seeing footballers who played for other nationalities other than their own.

Some players on this List had convincing reasons as to why they did not play for their native country. And when we say native country we simply mean the country in which a player was born in. So we give you the top players who never Played for their native country

Christian Benteke

Christian Benteke plays for the Belgian national team. His native country is Congo. He is one of the players who chose to leave Africa and pursue his career in Europe

Patrice Evra

Patrice Evra’s native country if you did not know is Ghana. He currently plays for the French national team and holds a key role in the team.

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