The Spanish public prosecutor has decided to relieve Messi off the 21 month jail sentence for a fine. Lionel Messi after several trials was found guilty of defrauding the spanish authorities of 4.1 Million Euros along with his father. But since they have not had any previous offences and they accepted to pay the tax they owe, his jail time was going to be scrapped

Under Spanish law, Messi would not have had to serve jail time for such a short sentence anyway, but now he will not have any months against his name, legal sources have informed Efe.

According to El Mundo, the player will pay 252,000 euros, while his father will pay 180,000 euros, with the proposed amounts based on the criteria used when Javier Mascherano was handed a similar punishment by same Catalan court.

This comes despite the fact that the Supreme Court upheld Messi’s 21-month sentence and reduced his father’s to 15 months in May.

messi in court


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