Which are the most popular football clubs in the world? .We argue with our friends every now and then as to which football club is the most popular in the world. These disputes always arise due to the fact that we all support different clubs from our friends. They have even been cases where people fight and kill each other because of topics related to our favorite football clubs.

Social media has made it very easy to be able to determine such things nowadays as to which club is the most popular in the world. Facebook alone has over 1.6 Billion users and there is no one on the globe who hasn’t heard of Facebook.

Instagram is another and there is twitter too,and a whole lot of others, So from all these social media combined we can easily determine the most popular club in the world.

We are not going to end our compare to social media but we are going to look at TV viewership, shirt sales and sponsorship deals. Let’s dive in

The most popular football clubs in the world


#10 Paris Saint-Germain

most popular club in the world

PSG has 40 million following on facebook and twitter

Paris Saint-Germain was founded in 1970 but its history goes as back as 1904. Established as “Stade Saint-Germain” in 1904 it was merged with Paris FC in 1970. PSG became a true European super power after “Qatar Sports Investments” bought the club and since than they have won back to back French liga titles and also doing pretty well in Europe.

#9 Juventus

most popular club in the world

Still the most successful Italian team and still a force in Europe, Juventus came out of “2006 Italian football scandal” with a steady growth after being relegated to division 2. Since back in the Serie Juventus has won four back to back league titles and also reached 2015 champions league final.

They are also the only team in Italy with several big name players and steadily became the most followed Italian team worldwide.

#8 Ac Milan

most popular club in the world

Milan has fallen way below their usual standards as far as their performances are concerned. They use to be on par with the likes of Barcelona, Real Madrid and Manchester United as European heavyweight but since winning Champions League in 2007 they have been on a down hill spiral and it does not look like they will be back at the top level anytime soon. Teams like Paris Saint-Germain, Atletico Madrid and Manchester City has replaced the traditional big Italian teams on almost every scale.

#7 Beyern Munich

most popular club in the world

Social Media Presence: 40 million (Facebook & Twitter)

Bayern Munich has been one of the most dominant football club in Europe as far as the performances are concerned. But the lack exposure of German football outside Europe has somewhat kept Bayern exploding in foreign countries as far as following is concerned. However in last decade with social media and enhanced tv rights deal across the world for Bundesliga has pushed Bayern right up there as one of the most followed club worldwide.

#6 Liverpool

most popular club in the world

Social Media Presence: 35.6 million (Facebook & Twitter)

The fact that Liverpool hasn’t achieved great this for the last 30 years did not stop them from having a massive following around the world. Just like united Liverpool are the second most followed clubs in Asia, Australia and they also have pretty solid following in America. Often labeled in traditional top 4 english clubs alongside Manchester United, Arsenal and Chelsea.

#5 Arsenal

most popular club in the world

Social Media presence:over 41.5 million (Facebook & Twitter) followers
Tv Viewership: around 29 million a season (in uk only)
Shirt sales: Sold 850,000 shirts in 2015
Sponsorship deal: Puma £30m a year, FlyEmirates £30m a year (including stadium naming rights)

#4 Chelsea

most popular club in the world

Social Media Following:Over  50 million (Facebook & Twitter) followers
Shirt sales: Sold 900,000 shirts in 2015
Sponsorship deal: Adidas £30m a year, Yokohama Tyres £40m a year, other number of russian and asian sponsorship deals

#3  Football club Barcelona

most popular club in the world

Social Media Followers:Over 100 million followers (102M Facebook, 18m twitter)
Tv Viewership: Barcelona had independent tv around the world (about to change as La Liga passed collective tv deal bill)
Shirt sales: Sold 121,500 shirts in 2015
Sponsorship deal: Nike £28m a year, QatarAirways £27m a year and number of other sponsorship deal.

#2 Real Madrid football club

most popular club in the world

Social Media Followers: 100 million followers (102M facebookm,18M twitter )
Tv Viewership: dominates spanish league tv viewing alongside Barcelona.
Shirt sales: average around 1 million a year
Sponsorship deal: Adidas £34m a year, FlyEmirates £20m a year and number of other sponsorship deal.

#1 Manchester United is the most popular football club in the world

manchester united is most popular club in the world

Social followers (Facebook:73.4 M , Twitter: 11.2 M, Instagram: 17.8M)

Tv Viewership: 52 per cent of the Premier League’s entire global TV audiance.(premier league averages 3.5 to 4 billion global views a season)
Shirt sales: averaged 1.2 t0 1.6 million a year (last 5 years)
Sponsorship deal: Most expensive kit deal with adidas £75m a year. Most lucrative sponsorship deal with Chevrolet £53m a year and countless other international deals around the world.

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