Footballers who played for Real Madrid and Barcelona. El Clasico is a word you only hear not very often. You only hear this only when Barcelona is about to play Real Madrid. These two are the greatest rivalry in football history. Despite this rivalry, some players did dare play for both teams. They even made great impacts when these two teams met head to head.

We don’t know what to call these players, Galacticos or Catalan giants. Some fans choose to call them traitors. but that is not our motive. Our motive is to lay out the list of those players who have played for both Barcelona and Meal Madrid. Lets dive in

Top 10 players who have played for both Real Madrid and Barcelona


#1 Luis Enrique Martinez

players who played for both barcelona and real madrid

Did you know the current Barca coach played for both Real Madrid and Barcelona FC ? He spent five seasons at the Bernabeu where he won all domestic trophies before joining fierce rivals FC Barcelona on a free transfer in 1996.  He stayed 8 years in Barcelona FC scoring over 100 goals.

#2 Michael Laudrup- (Barcelona – 1989-94, Real Madrid – 1994-96)

real madrid and barcelona

Referred to as Denmark’s Player of all time this hero also played for fierce rivals FC Barcelona and Real Madrid. he played for FC Barcelona from 1989-1994. But during his 93-94 season, he was benched all season. He decided to look for a new club. The galacticos found him where he won the  la liga. he is the only player to win a clasico for both teams winning their rivals 5-0

#3 Samuel Eto’o

real madrid vs barcelona

Most decorated African player of all time made his name at FC Barcelona. But before you knew the great Eto’o at Barcelona, he was a Los Blanco.

#4 Luis Figo- (Barcelona – 1995-2000, Real Madrid 2000-05)

The most infamous of all those to play both sides of the rivalry, Luis Figo won two league titles with Barça before his transfer to Real Madrid in 2000 set a then-world record transfer fee of €60 million. He went on to win two more titles with Madrid, but he achieved the ultimate goal of lifting the Champions League trophy in a Merengue shirt. He’s not well loved in Barcelona, and fans famously threw a pig’s head at him during his second match back at the Nou Camp in 2002 while taking a corner kick.

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#5 Ronaldo- (Barcelona – 1996-97, Real Madrid 2002-07)

real madrid and Barcelona

The greatest player to ever span the divide, Ronaldo only spent one year at Barcelona, but what a year it was. O Fenomeno scored 47 goals in 49 matches for Barcelona, and became the youngest player to ever win FIFA World Player of the Year at the age of 20. He then moved to Inter Milan for five years before returning to Spain, struggling often through injury, but winning everything but Champions League with Los Merengues. After that, he returned to Italy, to play on the opposite side of another of world soccer’s greatest rivalries, joining AC Milan for a year before ending his career back home in Brazil.

#6 Alfonso Perez :- Madrid (1991–1995) Barcelona (2000–2002)

el clasico history

Alfonso Perez was a Real Madrid youth player, coming all the way through the club’s ranks and making his first team debut in 1991. He played 88 times for the club, scoring 13 goals before moving to Betis where he truly made his name after netting 57 goals for the Seville side. He then moved to Barcelona where he didn’t have nearly the same success, playing 21 times and netting just twice.

#7 Javier Saviola (Barcelona – 2001-07, Real Madrid 2007-09)

el clasico history

‘El Conejito’ opened the book on his Clasico history at Barcelona, arriving to much fanfare in 2001. He played 123 games for the club and scored 49 goals. This was before falling out of favor and going out on loan to Monaco and Sevilla. He then signed with Real Madrid in ’07. But only made a handful of appearances with Los Merengues before moving to Portugal with Benfica.

#8 Gheorghe Hagi – (Real Madrid – 1990-92, Barcelona – 1994-96)

players who played in real madrid and Barcelona

The ‘Maradona of the Carpathians’ is Romania’s best ever player. He arrived in Spain in 1990 after eight years as a pro in his home country, first landing in Madrid. He spent two seasons at the capital club, playing 64 matches and scoring 16 goals before moving to Serie A with Brescia. Then returning to Spain in a Barcelona shirt. He spent a further two seasons at the Nou Camp. But didn’t have as much success as he had in a Madrid shirt. Playing only 36 matches and scoring seven goals. Despite playing for both of the country’s biggest clubs, he never won a La Liga title in his four years in Spain. He ended his career at Galatasaray in Turkey.

#9 Bernd Schuster (Barcelona – 1980-88, Real Madrid 1988-90)

real madrid and barcelona

Bernd Schuster is not only one of the select few to appear on both sides of El Clasico rivalry, he’s one of the even smaller group to move directly from one to the other. After eight years in a Barça shirt, playing 170 times and scoring 63 goals, he then moved to Real Madrid where he made 61 appearances, scoring 13 goals. Schuster wasn’t done crossing the divide there though; he then joined Atletico Madrid directly from Real. A brave man indeed

Robert Prosinecki – (Real Madrid – 1991-94, Barcelona – 1996-97)

played for real madrid and barcelona

Robert Prosinecki arrived in Spain from Belgrade in 1991, playing 55 matches for Madrid, moving to Oviedo, then Sevilla before ending his time in Spain with Barcelona. He only managed a handful of appearances for the club before heading off to Croatia, but he still managed a feat only a few players in the world can claim. At the national team level, Prosinecki also played for the former Yugoslavia before turning out for Croatia.

The list is long but we promised just 10…here is the the complete List

Here is the complete list as per the clubs transferred

Barça then Madrid

  • 1902: Alfonso Albéniz
  • 1906: Charles Wallace
  • 1906: José Quirante
  • 1911: Arsenio Comamala
  • 1913: Walter Rozitsky
  • 1930: Ricardo Zamora – Through RCD Espanyol
  • 1932: Josep Samitier
  • 1950: Alfonso Navarro
  • 1961: Justo Tejada
  • 1962: Evaristo de Macedo
  • 1965: Fernand Goyvaerts
  • 1988: Bernd Schuster
  • 1990: Luis Milla
  • 1992: Fernando ”Nando” Muñoz
  • 1994: Michael Laudrup
  • 1995: Miquel Soler – Through Sevilla F.C.
  • 2000: Luís Figo
  • 2000: Albert Celades – Through Celta de Vigo
  • 2002: Ronaldo – Through Internazionale
  • 2007: Javier Saviola

Madrid then Barça

  • 1905: Luciano Lizarraga
  • 1939: Hilario Through Valencia C.F.
  • 1961: Jesús María Pereda – Through Real Valladolid, then Sevilla F.C.
  • 1965: Lucien Muller
  • 1980:Lorenzo Amador – Through Hércules
  • 1994: Gheorghe Hagi – Through Brescia
  • 1994: Julen Lopetegui – Through Logroñés
  • 1995: Robert Prosinečki – Through Real Oviedo
  • 1996: Luis Enrique
  • 1999: Daniel García Lara – Through Real Mallorca
  • 2000: Alfonso Pérez – Through Real Betis
  • 2004: Samuel Eto’o – Through Real Mallorca


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